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This is our fourth and final service page but equally as important as the others. Design is where it all comes together in the Ottr sphere. Graphic Design has been something we have offered to those who know about it - you could say a starting ground for Ottr. Originally taught and raised in a design agency we are able to take on your design challenges, from print to presentations.

Branding is what sets you apart from the rest

Want to know why it's important to have brand cohesion?

  1. It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand.
  2. Colour improves brand recognition by up to 80%.
  3. Ensuring brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.
  4. It takes up to 10 seconds for someone to form a first impression from a brand logo

So lets take the next step.

Giving context to your product is what will set you apart from the rest. We understand that the better your product looks the better your product sells - And it's our aim to fulfil these needs.

65% of the population comprises of visual learners

Branding, Print Design and Social Media Campaigns

From global design campaigns for The Branded Gift Co selling Cadbury chocolate, to logo designs for local events and businesses. We can fulfil your design needs and take your business to the next level, or give them the online image they deserve. Looking for a full re-brand? Looking for new colours? Not even sure what you're looking for?



Design: the Ottr way

Design doesn't have to be complicated. You come to us with your design dilemma and we can help overcome it - bringing new and refreshing ideas straight to you.

Why just go for a logo design, when you can go the whole way and look at exploring a social media campaign too? Its in our best interest to make you look great. Brand consistency, brand consistency, brand consistency.

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