Take a Minute

Introducing Take A Minute: a video portrait featuring the brilliant people of Swindon in 60 seconds flat. What began for us as a project to help tell the amazing stories of the people we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by, has now turned into an ever-growing series.

Get inspired, take a minute.

Luke 'The Duke' Watkins

To kick things off, we’ve got Swindon’s new commonwealth champion - Luke Watkins , telling us about his passion for and the reason he got into Boxing.

Kris talikowski

This week we have the health and juice fanatic Kris Talikowski. Owner of The Core Swindon situated in the hustle and bustle of Old Town, Kris has become well known for his juices, whether you enjoy the occasional juice, a juice programme, or a full juice retreat out in beautiful Marbella, Kris has you covered.


“What inspires me to be an artist?” We introduce to you, the wonderful and crazy talented Natalie Ellis. She takes us through her journey into artistry, why its her passion, and why she does what she does. Get inspired, take a minute.


“Why I love to get up everyday” If he isn't scoring goals for the Wildcats, then he is teaching the next generation. We look into the passion of the Swindon Wildcats coach, Aaron Nell, and why he gets up everyday.
Get inspired, take a minute