Mens Mental Health Swindon

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Men's Mental Health Swindon

This Swindon campaign has been designed by local men who wanted to change the culture of our town and reduce stigma around men’s mental health. We all have mental health and some days we feel stressed or frustrated, sometimes things get on top of us. This campaign has been designed to encourage people to ask each other how they really feel.

The Brief

Mike Murray

Cricklade Rugby Club really are a family. We were saddened last year to hear of the passing of their Captain due to suicide. In this video, Mike talks about isolation, and how rugby has helped him personally. Rugby’s an accessible sport that is great for both physical and mental wellbeing. Search for your local rugby club today to see how you can get involved. 

With thanks to WASP (Wiltshire & Swindon Sport) & Sport England for funding this campaign.

Content produced

James Threlfall

Grabbing a skateboard, and getting involved in the sport has given James the opportunity to be part of a pretty unique community. You can grab a board yourself for as little as £50, and access a skate park for free.

Luke Watkins

Luke got into boxing to improve his physical wellbeing, but can vouch for the positive impact it’s had on his mental wellbeing also. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a lawyer, a police officer or an “Average Joe” - Luke’s been in the gym with them all, and it could be the sport for you too. 

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