The Eternal Optimist

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The Eternal Optimist

Set in the heart of Old Town, this is Swindons first speak easy bar, offering a range of beers and cocktails. After previously working with them on a video for the co-owned brewery The Hop Kettle, we were draughted in to create some alternative social content, which is easy to watch and attention grabbing. From the opening of the bar, to the supplying of a bar at a dragon boat race.

The Brief

How we helped

The guys at The Eternal Optimist, wanted to utilise social media around the launch of the new bar. We had a prior meeting to understand the ethos and approach of the business, then made a monthly content plan moving forward. Within that we filmed a range of events, as well as new beer releases.

Content produced

Camel Club Wednesday - The Flour Babies

Whats better than cold beer? Live music and cold beer. We filmed the guys from The Flour Babies singing their best.

The Dragon Boat Race

Filming over a wide location, we took the full arsenal of equipment - Video, photography and drone on this shoot, ensuring every angle was covered. Showing the full emotions of the day, as well as the bar supplied by the Eternal Optimist.

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