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Epic Games / Unreal Engine

We've been lucky enough to capture a multitude of events and interviews for Epic over the past couple years. From the initial build of their LED screen to fashion based interviews with Sallyann Houghton, Business Development at Epic Games London Innovation Lab as well as London based Designer Gary James McQueen.

To the left, is the show in which we documented behind the scenes. Directed by Alex Horton, DOP, Buffy Dunton production by Unreal Engine. 



Virtual fashion is the new black. In the past year alone, Gucci released its first digital sneaker; Gary James McQueen had his first digital fashion show; and Balenciaga unveiled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, a video game built to showcase the company’s Fall 2021 collection. If this trend continues, could our future clothes be more pixels than polyester?

We were lucky to product the interviews used in this film.

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