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Two friends; one idea

To make powerful, unique and refreshing content for businesses to assist them with their online social presence.

Wether you’re a big corporate looking to impress, or a startup looking to inform, we’re creators with a vision.

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The #ottrculture hashtag is something we created a few years back for partners and clients to use when sharing their stories. Our aim has always been to have a presence online which made people think “it would be cool to work for Ottr.” or “I like what those guys are doing.” - we wanted to create a company that would feel less like a business and more like a group of close friends executing on their passions.

Who we are: meet the team who only look to the left...apparently

Ben Lawton

Ben has a real hunger for delivering the Ottr Works experience to our clients. He is our client go-to and leads the project management side of the company with client experience and conscientiousness at the forefront. Ben is a meme enthusiast and enjoys numbers.

Dan Pettitt

With a passion for all things creative, Dan produces and oversees all work through the studio. From start to finish, he ensures the Ottr touch is applied to all projects. Dan can give you the brand and flavour of hummus from taste alone. Rumours that he is related to the Chickpea family.

Joss Henderson

Joss is our Video Producer and Dan's right hand man when it comes to client projects. Joss leads all in-house Ottr content, from our podcast to our vlog. He is often reminded he has the biggest arms in the office, and that he doesn't make enough tea's or coffee's.

Max Bareham

Max comes from an extensive background in photography and video production. As a content creator, he works with Dan and Joss to shoot both in house and client based projects. Max is the second tallest in the office and somehow makes even less tea than Joss.

Miles Clements

Coming from a background in graphic design, Miles helps develop branding and graphics based projects. As a designer he works with anything from logos to publications. Miles is a Mac Miller encyclopedia and makes even less tea than Max...

Our wider team...

We are constantly looking to expand our team with subcontractors and partners we trust. We have a dedicated list of people we use to assist us on shoots, as well as some new Ottr’s in the pipeline join us in 2021. Get in touch if you have something you think we are missing.



Ottr Stories

Ottr Stories is a podcast we started to talk to other like minded, entrepreneurial or passionate individuals about why they love what they love. We’ve spoken to professional boxers, mental health experts, HMO Landlords, business owners, rappers and so much more. It’s been a great way for us to connect with our hometown as well as expanding our network outward.


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